Etiquette for Dating a Transgender Woman in Canada

People in Canada are very well-educated when it comes to trans community matters compared to many other countries. We’re at least progressive enough to wonder about trans dating etiquette! Still, even Canadians can get stumped and anxious sometimes.

Dating etiquette is all about tact and common sense. If you’re going out with someone for the first time, don’t ask them personal things that you wouldn’t want to be asked. Don’t ask about genitals, surgery, or anything that a simple Google search will answer. Don’t say things like, “I’ve dated trans people before” or “I have a friend who’s seeing a trans woman.” You might think you come off as informed, but she’s not going to appreciate these comments because trans identity goes above and beyond gender.

TS dating in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and any other large Canadian city typically begins with meeting someone online. You arrange to meet in person. All of a sudden, you get anxious. There’s the awkward silence. To get past this, use the dating site where you met to break the ice. Ask them why they chose that specific app or website. You could ask them about their dating experiences, but not without sharing some of yours. Hopefully, you’ll find out more about issues they may have had before they decided to meet you in person. You might start talking about previous relationships, which can offer a wealth of information about your prospective partner.

Why not go shopping together on your first date? There’s a great clothes store called Belle & Baluchon at 1336 Ontario St. E. in Montreal. It is very discrete, which makes it perfect for people who are still in the process of self-discovery and do not appreciate judgmental looks. The kind and friendly owner is helpful in the process of finding the right garments to fit different gender expressions. The clothes are of good quality and affordable.

It is recommended to get tested if you plan on taking someone home. It never hurts to have a report on your latest screening. One trans-friendly clinic in Montreal is L’Actuel, offering quick and efficient service.